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Green infrastructure stimulus call

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-21

Via Ars Technica comes a link to the Google CEO’s call for green infrastructure to stimulate the economy.  (Video available on YouTube.)

Yep, it’s the exact opposite of what the Oz government is doing: supporting a dying industry that has a track record for making things worse.

The Google CEO’s call goes much further than my comments (2008-11-14) on how to save the employees of car manufacturers, while letting the manufacturers themselves live or die by the market.

It’s not just infrastructure (putting up more poles or laying down more pipes) being advocated, but making the infrastructure networks smarter, more efficient.  He also pressed the need for open networks and systems as a foundation for innovation, modelling innovation development on the co-operative projects rooted in the internet.


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  1. […] "Green Infrastructure Stimulus Call" (2008-11-21) discusses the Google chief’s point that it’s not just the vehicle, its the design of transport and power networks that can be critical. […]

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