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Has KRudd called Harvey’s comments “disgusting” yet?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-22

After a quick search, I cannot find any reference that PM KRudd, so ready to label things as "disgusting", has likewise criticized Gerry Harvey’s outrageous comments about "no hopers", especially since KRudd’s famous "The Monthly" essay, "Howard’s Brutopia", railed against exactly such attitudes.

Harvey is wrong, not just because he lacks humanity, but because those he labels "no-hopers", who "give nothing back" and he thinks therefore undeserving, are too often "assymetrically talented", their gifts unused because we as a society cannot help them through their weaknesses, or because too often what pushes people over the edge, unable to cope, are the stressors imposed upon them by a failing society.  I covered this more fully in "The skills truly lacking" (2008-04-16).

It is those that hold the same views as Harvey, even without admitting it to others or themselves, that are the drag on our society.  It is the underperforming and over-remunerated managerial classes, responsible (with the politicians who gave them leeway) for the current financial crisis threatening so many people with unemployment over coming months, who most easily qualify as the biggest burden on the world.

Does Harvey only think social welfare should be lavished on those who can buy discretionary goods like plasma televisions from his store?

KRudd’s criticisms of the cognitively dissonant Howard views about "fairness" and "complementarity/reciprocity" on social welfare issues were entirely valid, the "Brutopia" essay made KRudd a real player in the ALP search for an opposition leader at the time.

It seems that unless KRudd slams Harvey’s comments as digusting, either his essay was written as a hollow point-scoring publicity stunt, or he lacks the intelligence to see the link, or he doesn’t want to offend the business community and the Herald-Sun/This-Day-Tonight consumers, the "Prosperity Gospellers" and all the other self-absorbed aspirationalists who wouldn’t or couldn’t read anything as serious as "The Monthly" (or even "QuadRant") and avoid even televised discussion of such topics (not when "Australia’s Funniest Home Videos" is on, at least).

I’ll admit my search for KRudd’s response to Harvey was cursory, and I’ve had many hours unwell in the last day or so, so I might have missed such criticism… but if there has been no such criticism, I’d like to hear from KRudd or his Hollowmen explain whether KRudd’s "Brutopia" essay was sincere, or he sees nothing disgusting in Harvey’s comments.


  • Shame too on "The Age" for burying Harvey’s comments in the Business section rather than in the main part of the newspaper, for this is not a business issue, but a central failing of many so-called upstanding members of our communities.

One Response to “Has KRudd called Harvey’s comments “disgusting” yet?”

  1. Maureen said

    I too, Have failed to find any comment from Comrade Rudd.
    Great site!

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