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Georgiou should stand for Senate next time

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-11-23

Petro Georgiou, who recently announced he will not stand for Kooyong at the next election, but will at least serve his current term, deserves much praise for his stances on human rights issues.

For lefties such as myself, it has been a wonder that perhaps the best example of a principled politician in the House, prepared to go off-side with the party-room and many party supporters on human rights issues, happens to be a member of the Liberal Party.

Personally, I hope his personal political advisors do a bit of number-crunching on whether he’d stand a chance running for the Senate as an independent: I reckon he’d do quite well.

As a below-the-line voter (and I wish more people would do that!), this is one lefty who’d include a lifelong Liberal Party member in the top couple of preferences.

Are there any other Victorian lefties out there who’d consider putting him high on their list of Senate preferences in 2010?


3 Responses to “Georgiou should stand for Senate next time”

  1. coconaut said

    He never really crossed the floor against his own party on issues like refugee rights (his big thing), despite Liberals having that right. So, what good was he?

  2. coconaut said

    PS I vote below the line (of course) and would definitely place him high

  3. Coconaut, Georgiou stood up to Howard over amendments to the Migration Act along with Moylan and Broadbent. If it weren’t for people like them, Howard would’ve made life even more hellish for refugees. I’m sure his performance in the party room would’ve swayed a few minds as well and stopped any other ill-conceived plans going through.

    I reckon Georgiou could win a Senate seat and if he ran it’d make Steven Fielding an even longer shot for the sixth seat. Whether he’d stand for the Senate when he’s in his 60s and will be looking at a six year term remains to be seen.

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