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Answering “Creation Science”

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-02

Be it "Intelligent Design", or "Creation Science", the religious types (not just Christians) have been trying to Trojan-horse their way into science classes.

Surely, given the controversy between religions about their positions, it’s time to return the favor with "Empirical Theology".

In the lead-up to the festive season, perhaps a quick mockup of course materials for a "virgin birth" unit is appropriate.

Question 1: As parthenogenesis, although unrecorded for mammals in nature, has always produced what is essentially a clone of the mother (and certainly cannot produce a Y chromosome out of nowhere), the progeny must be female.  Discuss the gender identification issues Jesus must have faced and the common pictorial representation of Jesus having a beard, including any relevant endocrine disturbances.  Which is more likely, that Jesus was a woman with endocrine dysfunction, or a transvestite?  What confidence limits using statistical methods can you assign to your choice?

Question 2: Many religions a few millenia ago claimed that their main prophet/deity would be produced by virgin birth, including two major religions of the day, Mithraism and Christianity.  Discuss any empirical evidence that differentiates the virgin birth stories of at least two different religions.  Disprove the claims of Mithraism about virgin birth.

Question 3: Discuss the role of epigenetic factors (particularly imprinting where a gene’s activity is determined by the gender of the parent contributing that gene) for products of parthenogenesis, with special reference to divinity-enhancement mechanisms.

Question 4: The older the parent (particularly the father), the higher the probability that the child has a psychiatric problem such as schizophrenia.  Discuss with reference to a father with an age predating the universe (or approximately 4000 years if you hold to the Usher calculations)


2 Responses to “Answering “Creation Science””

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