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For code-cutters, Latin-lovers, language lawyers

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-05

If you are a unix fan, a grammarian or a Latin-lover, here is something that should tickle you…. Perligata

The main paper that covers Latin grammar and it’s suitability to computing languages, applying it to perl is at

The Perligata module is at

And where would we be without 99-bottles-of-beer?

BTW: Conway has also written an inflection module for English (, mainly for converting between singular and plural.  Snippets over the fold indicate that he is probably my sort of age (coded for Vaxen), and I’d be setting classical=1;

# REQUIRE "CLASSICAL" PLURALS (EG: "focus"->"foci", "cherub"->"cherubim")

   classical;      # USE ALL CLASSICAL PLURALS

   classical 1;   # USE ALL CLASSICAL PLURALS

   classical 0;   # USE ALL MODERN PLURALS (DEFAULT)

# (snip)

def_noun "VAX" => "VAXen"; # SINGULAR => PLURAL


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