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Joh Brumby Survey

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-05

It’s worth a reader survey on Brumby’s probity and the appropriateness of the nickname "Job Brumby", given that (among many other things):

  • With Brumby’s Victoria getting a disastrous report on the ecological footprint (see The Age here and here)
  • Property developers got a windfall by “predicting” expansion of Melbourne urban boundaries against previously announced policy in areas they’d pre-emptively purchased (here)
  • Water projects that everybody is against (here) started well before an inquiry even started taking submissions
  • Recordkeeping in Vic pathetic according to the Auditor General (here), which is great for hiding information and making FOI near impossible

In my opinion, the Libs, Greens and Dems, along with journalists, should definitely go sniffing, do the forensics, and publish their findings… whether complimentary to Brumby or not.  I also suspect that Bracks was little more than a figurehead.  Lefty me is now hoping that Brumby loses his seat, and that the Libs are returned into a minority government relying on support from Democrat and Green parliamentarians come the next election.

Search for Brumby inside Balneus


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