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Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-07

This can’t last long… my inclusion in the first 15 of the Oracle personalities at the excellent  Still… it’s nice to know how much something I started off has developed, and so far, I’m sure I’m the least august of the members of that 15 (which is VERY high-powered).

Mind you, Frank’s information is a bit dated… he didn’t include PostgreSQL in my list of databases (which is far from complete anyway), and I had to give credit to RMIT for hosting the FAQ.

Aaaah, the old days, when you could release everything about yourself to the net and it was safe… so my daughter used to get lovely postcards (and the occasional T-shirt or book) from around the world from people who appreciated my efforts.

And she still has the postcards.  Awwwww , ain’t that cute!

And I’m certainly the one that looks most like a tradition Unix nut (well, I got something into comp.sources.unix, so I guess it’s no surprise).


2 Responses to “Chuffed”

  1. Christopher Flynn said


    Also I’m a bit weirded out, all the others look like SUITS, did they shave for the photos or have they always looked like this?

    You look like the most credible public face of the Oracle crew.

  2. Dave Bath said

    * Have you read Codd and Date? Wow!!! Brilliant!!! I don’t care if they look like suits or not… they don’t/didn’t THINK like suits.
    * Remember that "Oracle" was a mil/security project written by Larry … CIA I think
    * They ain’t Bell Labs!
    * I’m the LEAST credible of the lot.

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