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Oops! I misinformed you!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-07

When I get better information, I like to issue a correction, even if the substance of my argument is unaffected.  So, a clarification about a post on Conroy’s Great Wall of Oz plans…

In "Filter spam instead, Conroy" (2008-11-12), I argued that Australia would be better off if Conroy pushed for a proper spam filter before, or just as, it hits the country.  This would stop an awful lot of links to porn anyway, as well as being technically easier, and making a massive difference to the economics of connecting to and operating the internet within Oz.

I indicated that the proportion of email traffic that is spam is "typically 75% or more".

From various sources, it appears that the proportion of email messages going through Telstra is around 98%, dropping to 96% when a Californian spammer was stopped a couple of weeks ago.

This actually strengthens my argument that the massive and futile costs of Conroy’s censorship plans would be better directed to spam filtering, and would certainly increase Conroy’s popularity more than I expected previously.

Come on Conroy – you are a politician – so don’t you want people to like you?

So, improving Australian competitiveness, decreasing accidental exposure to porn, and technically feasible… all without diminishing our civil rights… what’s stopping you?

See Also:

See Also: Newstopia’s skit on Conroy’s Censorship (via YouTube).


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