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Pollies who have done a good job… know any?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-07

Can anyone suggest a current federal minister that has been doing a good job, without selling out to party or vested interests?  I ask because good outcomes and efforts, particularly if they deal with long-term issues or efficiency improvements, are almost never newsworthy, and any such efforts deserve some public praise.

However tempting, please don’t make comments like "Senator Conroy has done a great job bringing right-wingers and left-wingers into common cause through his censorship efforts".

If you can include a link to a post or MSM report about the issue(s) the minister has addressed, that would be even better.

I’m serious… there must be some of our ministers deserving praise, even if it is simply by giving the good permanent public servants in their agencies a free hand to make the improvements they’ve been waiting to do for ages.

For starters, I’ll nominate Lindsay Tanner, because he has committed to implementing the Gershon Report in full – despite all the vested interests (particularly large IT consulting firms and the public servant senior managers in their back pockets) he will be fighting to get these very necessary changes through.


3 Responses to “Pollies who have done a good job… know any?”

  1. renniek said

    Lindsay Tanner seems to be doing a competent job. His attempts to engage with the online world have also been encouraging.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Good point. Tanner is making enemies there too by trying to get things right, going up against anyone who wants policy and decision-making hidden from public view…. vested interests, in-pocket politicians (any party) and incompetent public servants. Judging a person by their enemies is often better than judging them by their friends.

    Anyone else? C’mon… if there ain’t then we are hardly any better off in the long term than under Howard.

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