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Carbon emission control : we have the technology

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-08

Cheap and effective carbon emissions control technologies have been around for thousands of years, easily able to cut our greenhouse gas emissions dramatically in only a few decades:

Condoms, withdrawal, abstinence, safe sex, douches, abortifacients….

As to political carrots and sticks…

  • Cut out the baby bonus and replace it with a "no-baby bonus" … a few hundred dollars every year to every woman of child-bearing age who doesn’t have a live birth in the preceding twelve months.
  • After the first pregnancy that produces live births (don’t want to hurt those who naturally conceive twins and triplets, subsequent births require purchase of carbon emissions rights equivalent to a lifetime’s emissions estimated at time of conception.

As to econometrics: it is the resources/production per capita that matters, and (especially if we consider advances in robotics and software) per-capita GDP would be pretty much unaffected.


One Response to “Carbon emission control : we have the technology”

  1. Dave Bath said

    See also this post for another significant technology: our mouths… even if we don’t eat meat we can eat kangaroo!

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