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If Kev ran the world not just Oz

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-18

If KRudd had executive power over all nations, not just Oz, would his policies on climate change mitigation be any different?  With any difference, call him a hypocrite.  With no difference, call him an idiot who rejects evidence-based decision making.

Perhaps the only hope for Oz on climate change is if Senator Faulkner’s proposals to dramatically control gifts to political parties gets up sooner rather than later.

If one of Faulkner’s mooted ideas, banning donations from companies, had been in place already, it’s a fair bet that KRudd’s climate policies would be almost completely different.

(Compare the data on service delivery for a given environmental footprint between countries here – data is a bit old, but the general picture of Oz citizens being the biggest per-capita threat to the world remains the same… unfortunately.)


One Response to “If Kev ran the world not just Oz”

  1. zombinol said

    Profligation uber alles!

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