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Credit Crunch – The Game

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-22

Go to to download the board, cards, rules, money and playing tokens for "Credit Crunch" (although it’s easier to play on the centrefold of this weeks festive season edition of The Economist).

Click on image to go to the page with rules, cash and tokens

Click on image to go to the page with rules, cash and tokens

Fun and instructive.  At least a couple of accountants who normally play monopoli on holidays will be playing this instead.

Almost every spot on the board (apart from the "Pick up a financial risk card") has a KAL cartoon and a bonus/loss amount (Deemed to big to fall?  Get propped up with a billion “Econonos”.  Putin takes over Russian subsidiary?  Lose 300 million.  Hire Lucifer and Beelzebub as ethics consultants?  Get 100 million.)

But those free trade advocates are showing that it is possible to love true capitalism and governance while detesting the shenanigans that seem endemic to financial markets:

  • You don’t go to gaol, you merely go to "Chapter 11"
  • CDO’s are merely Frankenstein’s monsters with their face obscured by carboard cut-out "smiley" faces.
  • The introductory blurb is the least subtle:

    As though readers haven’t already sufferred enough already this year, we are offering them the chance to be crushed, humiliated and impoverished all over again.
    But we are also offering a shot at redemption.
    Our board game pits players against each other and encourages them to pick on the weakest, kick opponents when they are down and generally manifest all the characteristics that bring success in the financial world.
    Winner takes all!

Go on, stop reading this blog, go and get a copy (but unsurprisingly, the server at The Economist seems a bit slow today).

Cash and a Risk Card

Cash and a Risk Card


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