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Victorian inquiry: red tape for renewables projects

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-22

Looks like Joh Brumby is setting up another Clayton’s inquiry.

Red Tape and Renewable Energy Projects in Victoria was referred to the Environment and Natural Resources Committee, with terms of reference over the fold.

Referred 2008-12-04, to report by 2009-12-31, although I suspect like the water inquiry which has recently had it’s reporting date deferred into a black hole (I’ll post on this soon), it won’t be really reporting back until Joh is out of office.

As usual, there is no indication of where to send submissions or when submissions will be open.  You can try and contact to ask to be notified when/where submissions open, but they’ll probably do for this what they did to the water inquiry, send you a message that includes (and I quote from message id “The inquiry is yet to commence. I will have someone notify you when submissions are invited” and then not get back to you.

While you are here…. take the Joh Brumby Survey

So… here are the terms of reference:

To the Environment and Natural Resources Committee — for inquiry consideration and report no later than 31 December 2009 on opportunities to reduce red tape associated with the approvals process for renewable energy projects in Victoria — in particular the Committee is asked to consider:

  1. the major obstacles facing investors in large-scale renewable energy projects in Victoria, including environmental, planning and other regulations;
  2. how Victoria compares to other Australian jurisdictions with regard to relevant approvals for renewable energy projects (in particular wind farms as they are the most common form);
  3. opportunities to reduce risk and delays for investors, whether that be through streamlining regulatory processes, appeals processes or other costs/risks;
  4. the likely future drivers of renewable energy in Victoria, particularly in the context of the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme and the expanded federal Renewable Energy Target;
  5. other reviews and inquiries covering similar issues — this would include the Australian Energy Market Commission’s review of Energy Market Frameworks in light of Climate Change Policies and the Environment Protection and Heritage Council’s report on impediments to environmentally and socially responsible wind farm development.
  6. Votes and Proceedings of the Legislative Assembly of Victoria, No. 102 – Thursday 4 December 2008


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