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Eyes off the road

Posted by Dave Bath on 2008-12-27

Three of the following are hypothetical: Imagine the problems if …

  1. … footballers were not dropped from the team if they didn’t keep their eyes on the ball.
  2. … drivers were not punished for the accidents they caused by not paying attention to the road and traffic.
  3. … children were left with parents who failed to seek medical help when children were in obvious distress.
  4. Ministers of Immigration are not even reprimanded when they seriously curtail liberties and processes central to democratic principles, claiming they were not informed, but according to the Clarke inquiry, the minister, at best, failed to think. (see bolded quote below the fold).

Ignorance is no excuse, especially when that ignorance is probably intentional.

See Also:

  • : The site for the Clarke inquiry into the shocking way Haneef was treated.  The following are interesting excerpts:
    • But, although I found no evidence of conspiracy or an improper purpose, I do find the cancellation (ed: of Haneef’s visa) – and particularly its timing – mystifying. (ed: in other words, there was no reason he can mention… come on Clarke, it’s malice or incompetence, or both)
    • ASIO, however, repeatedly said there was no imminent threat of terrorism in Australia, and the Acting Secretary of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Mr Bob Correll, had in his possession a document in which ASIO had said there was no evidence that Dr Haneef had foreknowledge of or participated in the UK terrorist incidents.  Mr Andrews said he knew of the general tenor of that document, but he did not know of the detail I mention. (ed: The either the general tenor was intended to misrepresent the facts it reported, or Andrews was INCORRECT about his knowing the general tenor)
    • The fact that, when confronted with the detail of the ASIO report, Mr Andrews said he probably would not have acted differently had he seen it, tells me the Minister did not reflect deeply on the detail of the AFP information in the rambling brief he had been given. (ed: In other words, Andrews was incompetent or negligent)
  • The Clarke Report
  • Australian Government responses to the Clarke Inquiry and other counter-terrorism reviews – December 2008
  • Other Balneus posts mentioning Haneef, especially this one on the nature of sedition which examines whether the Howard regime was more guilty of sedition than Haneef.
  • "Abolishing sedition" (2008-12-24) – Larvatus Prodeo
  • "If only it were a conspiracy…" (2008-12-23) – Larvatus Prodeo

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