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Will Ted Ballieu help himself?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-04

Ted Ballieu, Victorian Opposition Leader, has a massive opportunity during the slow news month of January to take a free shot at Victorian Premier Joh Brumby, while wedging the political interests of Rudd and Brumby.

So, from a way-left-of-any-Oz-government type, here comes a bit of free advice to a right wing party:

Dear Ted,

The Brumby efforts to bang through the North-South waterless pipeline have angered many Victorians regardless of political persuasion.

The "Saving the Goulburn and Murray Rivers" bill currently in Senate Committee and open for public comments, presents a wonderful opportunity for you to show some environmental credentials and reach across political divides among the citizens.

All you have to do is use the slow-news period to encourage all Victorians to protest against the pipeline in a forum that Brumby cannot control – the Senate Inquiry.

You’ll doubtless get support from the ABC, which many in your party (falsely) accuse of a bias against your party.  Getting your statements broadcast and published shouldn’t be a problem.

If the KRudd government does the right thing, and supports the bill, Joh Brumby is prevented from carrying out at least part of his program of environmental and economic vandalism, his complete lack of openness on water issues is highlighted, and it should be a no brainer to brand his unseemly rush of pipeline building (before the appropriate committee has reported back to parliament) as a white elephant that has cost loads of money at a time when we can ill-afford waste.

If the KRudd government opposes the bill, you’ll have the national media baying for his blood as well as Brumby’s.

The only problem you might have is if the Federal Liberals also oppose the bill from one of their own Senators, something that can only happen if short-term commercial interest lobbyists have consolidated their corrupting power across all major parties.

What have you got to lose?  Nothing but the divisions in your own party!

Yours, awaiting a sign that you are worthy of respect,

Dave B.


One Response to “Will Ted Ballieu help himself?”

  1. […] "Will Ted Ballieu help himself?" (2009-01-04) wondered if Ballieu was smart enough to get this issue in the media.  He wasn’t.  Doesn’t he recognize a gift of a important wedge issue with a popular and sensible stance for his party when he sees one?  Will he use the opportunity of a Greens/Coalition unified position?  […]

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