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Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-06

After the doom and gloom, it’s time for a bit of silliness.

– But not in chihuahua size – surely?


5 Responses to “LoLfelis”

  1. zombinol said

    Ehem immo, fortuno perbeatus gaudium gratanter!

  2. Dave Bath said

    Z: I’m guessing, but is that a “Ren and Stimpy” tag? (“By all means, happy happy joy joy”) My memory on vocab is ok, but on endings is absolutely awful! Or are you saying “Whatever gives you a giggle”?

  3. zombinol said

    You got it, Ren & Stimpy

  4. Dave Bath said

    Z: Where did you get it?

  5. zombinol said

    The precise translation is “Ahh yes, happy happy joy joy”

    And it was courtesy of translating each word and selecting the appropriate Latin choice from the words provided.

    I could of just repeated the happy and the joy, but that would have been seemed sloppy and you would have seen my iliteration at work.

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