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Shoe chucking for fun, profit and polling

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-06

Hit Dubya with a shoe for 50% discount in a Chinese shop.  No, the bozo-in-chief isn’t there personally: it is just a cardboard cutout, and while the caricature might make the cut in China, it wouldn’t work in a Western country newspaper.

I’d have expected this in the Middle East (apart from one notorious country), but in China?

This suggests a new form of political polling: offering a choice of targets to customers and counting who people choose to chuck shoes at.

More quantitative analysts might want to offer different discounts according to who you aim at, calculating how people perceive the payoff of aiming at their most hated figure compared to the cash saved.

Come to think of it, perhaps a handball competition would work – the hole in Bush’s head is certainly big enough.

Australia is probably one of the best countries to try this polling method: apparently we love gambling, sport, and distrust politicians (although nowhere near enough in election campaigns).

Perhaps painting caricatures on urinals, and counting how many people, given the availability of space, choose which politicians, and if there is no space, whether the person chooses to stand in line for another figure.

Do any readers have other ideas using other target-oriented sports?

Such an approach would certainly make more people welcome the chance to take part in polling exercises.


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