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Funnier than a fart joke

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-10

Admit it, we are anthropoid apes and find farts funny (signing gorillas/chimps spontaneously use the sign for "poo" to indicate annoying persons or behaviour, so they have the same view as we do).

But funnier still is watching the development of the understanding of fart jokes in my grandson.

Two in a couple of months, I’ve suspected he has been getting the idea for some time, but now, when in bed with his mum, he is…

  • Farting and pulling the covers over her head;
  • Pinning the doona to his side so she cannot pull up the covers in retaliation when she lets rip.

Either way, he emits quasi-evil giggles.

Freud’s smugging in his grave.

See Also: The Psycho-Social Bases of Scatological Humor: The Unmasking of the Self


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