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Making your voice heard on human rights…. NOT!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-12

If you are reading this, chances are you are interested in human rights and better treatment of persons with disabilities, and the chances are that you didn’t lend your support when you had the chance.

Submissions have closed on the Disability and Human Rights amendments inquiry, and so far it looks like there were only 11 submissions, 8 of which are public.

If you say you want to improve human rights, and you have reasonable access to the net, and you are not on the list below as an individual or organization, then you didn’t lend your support to amendments that will make a difference, and might have left things wide open for any heartless business lobby group to argue against these changes.

The amendments were VERY significant, including those that would make businesses justify their claims to "oooh, it’s just too hard to cater for these disabled people, so don’t prosecute me", which is what they get away with now.

If you are interested in these issues (and not a member of a rights group), then all you had to do was subscribe to a senate inquiry announcement RSS feed, eyeball it for topics of interest (in this case “rights” or “disabilities”), do a little reading (and maybe discussion with your friends), and send in a couple of paragraphs saying you support the changes.

No, there are a lot of you who write blegabytes on your blogs about the issue, tout yourself as politically savvy, as internet savvy, but cannot be bothered helping ensure that good legislation passes.

While lots got involved (unconstructively) with the on-line "blog" at, almost no-one got interested in this bill that will make a huge difference.

So, stop patting yourself on the back with one hand while committing the sin of Onan with the other, and redeem yourself next time!  (Try public transport funding and protecting the Murray/Goulburn.)

Honor Roll (As At 2009-01-12 21:00)

OK, you might have made a non-public submission, or it have got in near close-of-business and will go up tomorrow…. in which case, you have my thanks.

If you tried to enter it via the new system to upload submissions, and it was lost by the system screwup, email it in ASAP.

To the rest of you who claim to be interested in human rights, but did nothing ….. PTHTHTHTHTHTHTTTT!

Notes/See Also:

  • "Gormless Oz political bloggers" (2008-02-06) discusses the apathy of Oz bloggers when the government wanted advice on how to improve government consultation with citizens via a blog.
  • My submission (apart from title and signature) was the following:

    I thank the committee for the opportunity to comment on the proposed amendment to existing legislation.

    Having read the amendments and explanatory memoranda, I support all the amendments, and urge the committee to recommend that the bill is passed.

    The changes that extend the power to make standards that can be enforced, for service providers and employers to justify rather than merely claim unreasonable hardship accomodationng of the needs of disabled persons, together with the clarification of the definition of disability are particularly welcome.

    Yeah, a typo, but I was rushing to get past a system crash, and my head was spinning!


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