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Marohasy admits to attempts to corrupt data

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-13

Why doesn’t it surprise me that Marohasy is trying to corrupt the spirit of a voting process?

She says:

So please, vote now, and then vote again tomorrow, and then it will be all over.

In a blog awards voting system, the intent is NOT for people to vote multiple times for the same blog, but to allow them to vote for a couple of blogs in the same category.  I’d hint at what people could do to bypass the once-per-day limit, but that would make it easier for her to carry out her evil plans.

Her attempt at a type of "ballot box stuffing" is nothing but an effort to corrupt raw data.  Twisting and selectively using data is minor by comparison, which is why many think she has no qualms about it.

Her attempt to corrupt data integrity is a self-admission of guilt, that her detractors are right, and that she is probably not to be trusted as a source of reliable and complete information!

Own-petard hoisting!  Delicious!

She probably boosts the read count of her own blog using a bot!

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4 Responses to “Marohasy admits to attempts to corrupt data”

  1. To be fair to Marohasy, some of the other nominated blogs plug the voting daily with the clear intent of having supporters vote for them multiple times. It seems like a really dumb process to me.

  2. Dave Bath said

    So “everybody else does it” is a valid reason?

    The Hoydens don’t as far as I’ve seen!

    Agreed, dumb process. Multiple-voters probably also swap source IP addresses, delete cookies, and use bots. Hell, they might even use trojan javascript on their websites so that every reader votes unwittingly!

    Note I do NOT encourage others to corrupt the voting process using such techniques. Any victory by encouraging ballot box stuffing is necessarily hollow.

    Nor have I hypocritically given my own blog a facebook rating, fairly obvious as no-one has rated it.

    P.S. The category is COMMUNITY. LP probably has a much wider and more engaged community, but others in the nominated lists /do/ seem more participatory and extensive.

  3. The Hoydens did the same thing, and I must admit I voted for them several times. The whole thing was designed for multiple voting — you were supposed to be able to vote once every 24 hours, although on the last few days the server hosting the voting scripts started to sag under the strain, and it got harder to vote.

  4. Dave Bath said

    Here’s the most “multivoting” bit I can find on Hoydens for this year (my bolding)…

    You can vote once a day for the one-week voting period, so set yourself a reminder now to go back each day.
    Vote now for Hoyden About Town in Best Midsize Blog at the Weblog Awards site, then make your way through the other categories to vote for your favourite.

    Now, if the awards allow you a vote per day over one week in each one of the 41 categories, then it is possible to interpret the Hoyden’s exhortation as a vote-for-them-multiple-times, but it is certainly not as explicit as Marohasy’s.

    However, if you can only vote once per day regardless of category, then the Hoyden’s encouragement to participate in other categories means that they are probably not explicitly encouraging ballot box stuffing.

    I don’t know which set of rules applied. But anyhow, unless there was a confirmation email sent to you before a vote counted, the once-a-day rule could probably be rorted by either using different browsers (which store their cookies separately) or simply clearing out your cookies.

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