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Oz government media release on almost nothing

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-14

The Australian Government Media Releases feed ( points to a new series of ‘The Librarians’.  Will they give as much attention to any new series of "The Hollowmen" given that it covers shenanigans in government policy development?

I have to ask, is this worthy of inclusion in a government media release?

What next, one saying that "Play School" will continue next year?  That the ABC will continue to broadcast news daily?  A weekly release containing the ABC and SBS TV guides?

(Not that I’m knocking "The Librarians", which didn’t tickle me anywhere near as much as "The Hollowmen": I’ve got DVDs of both comedies.)


One Response to “Oz government media release on almost nothing”

  1. Davis said

    You guys keep trying — we absolutely LOVED Summer Heights High in my house.

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