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Submissions about to close on Goulburn and Murray protection bill

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-21

This is a reminder to all of you who want to save the Murray-Goulburn rivers, including those opposed to Joh Brumby’s North-Source pipeline, that there are only a few days available to send in a submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Water Amendment (Saving the Goulburn and Murray Rivers) Bill 2008, as it closes for public submissions on the 2009-01-30.

You can see more details in my earlier post "Brumby’s nightmare – a Cth bill to stop his pipeline" (2008-12-22).

As noted in that post, it is a private member’s bill from Senator Simon Birmingham, (Liberal, SA), so there is the possibility that the ALP will not support the bill, as it would cause a significant rift between the Federal and Victorian ALP governments, despite almost every Victorian (apart from those who will benefit financially from construction and operation of the North-South Pipeline) would support any measure to stop Joh Brumby‘s irresponsible actions that are contemptuous of the public sentiment and the intent of parliamentary committee processes.

I’ve already sent in my submission that urges support for the bill, and highlights the flawed processes and reasoning relating to the North-South Pipeline, a project that will hopefully be stopped in its tracks by the proposed amendment to the Commonwealth Water Act.  I’ll publish my submission as soon as it gets parliamentary privilege.

As usual, anybody else who makes a submission can add a comment to this post, or a trackback from a pertinent article on your own blog, and I’ll include you in my "Hall of Fame" on my ParlSubmissions page when I get the chance.

Again, as usual, I fart in your general direction (and hurl other insults involving hamsters and elderberries) if you have written posts on your blog or letters to newspaper editors protesting about the pipeline, but hypocritically cannot bother sending even a one-liner email to the senate inquiry (via saying that you support this new bill.


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