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Oz Day: Use sweet-and-sour, not tomato sauce

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-22

I asked a Chinese friend what day New Year festivities started this year, as I’ve known for decades that those Chinese can officially celebrate it for a couple of weeks.  (And you reckon Australians love their holidays!)

"January 26" he replied, not picking up the significant point that Chinese New Year celebrations start on Australia Day!!!

So celebrate two holidays at once … for Australia Day, be green, be patriotic, and cook up some Szechuan Skippy; give your kids red paper bags with chocolate coins; you can either go to the cricket or eat one….

How appropriate given our sinophilic PM!  It could only have been better if this happened the first Australia Day he was PM.

Go on… be multicultural!  Enjoy the best of two traditions at the same time, eating something healthy rather than full of cholesterol.  And you’ll doubtless annoy the nationalist redneck radio jocks (good!!), but they won’t be able to complain that you not being enthusiastic about traditional celebrations on Australia Day.

Mind you, cross-cultural encouragement of Asians to become drunken yobbos isn’t something I’d want to see.

Perhaps Rudd could point out the opportunities for better friendship by celebrating a "best of both worlds" holiday both here and in our Beijing embassy.  It’d certainly be more useful than his government’s 2008 effort that encouraged violence.


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