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In the best of 2008… why?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-23

I’m chuffed yet puzzled that one of my posts made the cut in the 2008 Best Posts awards run jointly by On-Line Opinion and Club Troppo and reproduced here.

Below is a list, categorized, of what I’d consider better ones from 2008.  Do you have different ideas?

And to those on the judging panel: what made you pick that one, especially compared to other Balneus posts?

Mind you, there are some goodies from 2009.

Oddly, the most popular post of all time is the relatively recent "Ultra-Jewish cult help accused child molester escape justice".

Mind you, there are other series of posts the add up to something more significant.

And my favorite, although from 2007, which includes an ultra-short rendering of The Gilgamesh Epic and it’s applicability to modern society, and for which I’m still after ideas to improve parsing (which would make it a co-authored poem) is "The first literature, the must read: Gilgamesh" (2007-08-10).

p.s. I hope that at least some of my regular readers have the occasional glance at my shared items page, which include things I don’t have time to comment on even if I’d like to, as well as those I consider important: there is a lot more science in that list than my blog, for example.  You might also consider joining my facebook networked blogs, or finding a random Balneus post.


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