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Warren Snowdon “Hollowmenned”

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-23

Normally I don’t get a giggle out of Ministerial press releases, but this one from Warren Snowdon about a new ad campaign for navy recruiting is almost straight out of the relevant episode of "The Hollowmen" (my bolding).

A new exciting direction in Navy advertising was launched today with the new recruiting advertisement ‘7 Days in the Navy’.

“This exciting new campaign will address the misconception that a life in the Navy is a lonely existence,” Mr Snowdon said.
“The ad is fast-paced and takes the viewer behind the scenes into the world of the Navy; letting them see what it is really like onboard one of our ships.
“Navy offers more than just great training and jobs, it offers a lifestyle, and this ad reveals the multitude of experiences including the day-to-day tasks, travel and sporting activities a Navy life holds….”

Don’t need to deconstruct that!  But I must wonder… did anyone in the backroom meetings leading up to this release even mention the similarities?


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