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Enraptored with animal law

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-26

I love whimsy.  I’m fascinated by the grey areas of nature and treatment of human and non-human animals.  That’s one reason (of many) why I’m such an avid reader of Legal Eagle, now blogging at SkeptiClawyer (and the eponymous author in that blog is good value too).

So… do yourself a favor and follow the discussion on animals and the law there, starting with the most recent post on the subject, "All goats equal before the law" (2009-01-24), where the unfortunate quadruped was arrested for armed robbery.

Hilarious in places, deep in others, sometimes both, the numerous LE posts on these themes, and the comments and trackbacks are well worth it.

BTW: Personally, I think the benefits and punishments available through the law should be applied on the basis of the entity’s capability to work in the moral plane, whether the subject is human, non-human primate, cetacean, or even, sooner than we think, a computer.

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