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International Renewable Energy Agency – 75 Countries – not Oz

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-01-29

When 75 countries sign up (date below the fold), led by Germany, Denmark and Spain, into a newly established International Renewable Energy Agency, (IRENA), to create statutes with force, not just motherhood statements for media releases, you’d think if KRudd was honest with explicit or implicit election promises, we’d be one of the 75, wouldn’t you?

From the IRENA website "about page":

Mandated by governments worldwide, IRENA aims at becoming the main driving force in promoting a rapid transition towards the widespread and sustainable use of renewable energy on a global scale.  Acting as the global voice for renewable energies, IRENA will provide practical advice and support for both industrialised and developing countries, help them improve their regulatory frameworks and build capacity.  The agency will facilitate access to all relevant information including reliable data on the potential of renewable energy, best practices, effective financial mechanisms and state-of-the-art technological expertise.

It’s not just a gabfest, but an international statutory body, with the statutes starting to come into force around 2010.

Look through the list of signatory countries.  Let’s see…. yep, alphabetical, dah, dah, dah, Armenia, Armenia, Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria…, dah, dah, dah…, but no Oz.

Bahrain?  Oh, Bahrain isn’t the only country in the list that has carbon-emitting fuel as a key export!  What excuse do we have?

Care to guess the date everybody signed up?

2009-01-26, yes, Australia Day 2009 is when the federal government showed the world exactly what we are.

If Turnbull will sign something binding before the election, hand on his bible, that has measurable performance targets in line with the best scientific consensus and the likes of Stern and Garnaut, promises to sign and ratify these sorts of initiatives, then socialist me will put the Liberals ahead of Labor at the next federal election.


Kev, I can even sum up what I’d like to say to you in one word:



2 Responses to “International Renewable Energy Agency – 75 Countries – not Oz”

  1. Raf said

    Dodgy link Dave

    I notice NZ isn’t on it either which is a surprise. Maybe the solar assisted postie didn’t make it as far as Australasia :-)

  2. Dave Bath said

    I thought your previous PM committed NZ to a zero-net-emissions future. But she is no more and you have the tories in power. Are they recidivist?

    (Can’t even remember the new PMs name… but then, he’s hardly memorable compared to the wonderful Helen!)

    But it looks like we have tories-by-another-name in power here.

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