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Carna Cardinals

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-01

This is the first US Football "superbowl" I’ve ever had any interest in….

…and I was alerted to it by a series of articles in The Geelong Advertiser.

Ben Graham, former Cats captain, is playing for the superbowl underdogs, the Cardinals, so most of Geelong is probably taking an interest in the superbowl for the first time in history.

Well, even if his team doesn’t win, apparently the Cardinals got into the superbowl by beating a team that has a former Collingwood player in it, and Cats fans (and Ben Graham) will probably accept that as a consolation prize.

If it’s part of gridiron rules that you can take a snap for a "field goal" (which my yank friends say is worth 3 points), and the Cardinals are two points down with seconds to go, Ben Graham might be able to win the game from full back, as those tiny yank fields are only 100 yards long, and Ben could kick 90 without raising a much of a sweat.

Also according to my yank friends, Australian "punters" are different from their relatively weedy yank counterparts who hardly ever tackle anyone, so the Ozzies are useful because they are used to tackling opponents on the last line of defence.

"Go Cats!"  I mean, "Go Cardinals!"


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