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Fidel has been blogging

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-05

I just bumped into Fidel Castro’s Blog which is not full of the rants you might expect from the general opinion of him.  For example, he is quite enthusiastic about Obama, complementing him on consolidating the tradition of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King.

Very interesting "posts" for us include:

  • "The unjustifiable destruction of the environment" which starts

    "Can capitalist society avoid it?  News about the issue is not encouraging."

    and ends with

    The situation looks even worse with news coming in from the wire agencies reporting all kinds of problems, from the bankruptcy of the auto industry derived from the financial crisis to natural disasters, and involving the rising cost of foodstuffs, hunger, war and many other events.

    The problem is that there is no longer any inhabitable space on our planet to share out.  The last one was Australia, which the United Kingdom seized on January 19, 1788.  The environment has been in jeopardy for some time now.  Can our species overcome that barrier?

  • "The 11th President of the United States" (since the revolution in Cuba) includes:

    Nobody could doubt the sincerity of his words when he affirms that he will turn the country into a model of liberty, respect for human rights in the world and the independence of other peoples.  Of course, without this offending barely anyone, except the misanthropes out there in the world.  He now has said comfortably that imprisonment and torture on the illegally-occupied Guantánamo base will cease immediately, which is beginning to sow doubts among those who worship terror as a necessary instrument of their country’s foreign policy.

    The intelligent and noble face of the first black president of the United States since its founding as an independent republic two and one-third centuries ago had transformed itself, with the inspiration of Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King, becoming a living symbol of the American dream.

    However, despite all the tests that he has withstood, Obama has not passed the central one.  What will he do when the immense power in his hands proves absolutely useless for overcoming the system’s insoluble antagonistic contradictions?

Indeed, his "blogposts" are among the most intelligent I’ve read for some time.

How does KRudd’s Twitter compare?" Actually the fake one is far more incisive and humerous.

See Also/Notes:

  • "Viva Fidel! You broke the mould!" (2008-02-20) starts:

    How many dictators resign? How many dictatorial regimes (in the last few centuries) lasting decades create massive improvements to public health and education, and make countries environmentally sustainable? How many dictators are never accused, even by enemies, of pilfering the country’s wealth, living in palaces, and corruption?

    You probably have to go all the way back to Napoleon to find a dictator who was such a progressive and effective reformist for education, health, and law, who was so hated by the “nobility” of other nations, and even then, you’d have to discount the massive deaths in the Grand Army on the way back from Moscow.

    Fidel, on the other hand, has sent a large army of doctors, nurses and teachers around the world. Even The Economist gives him some praise, and data proves he is the only leader in the world ever able to create a healthy, educated and green country, and he did this with almost no money and no oil.

  • "Patients per doctor: Oz Ain’t Brilliant" (2007-10-29) discusses Castro’s 35000-strong "army" doctors and other health professionals (including hospital equiptment) Castro moves from country to country when disaster strikes.
  • "The Economist and Castro Again" (2008-05-21) has the website of The Economist praising Castro’s policies on the environment.
  • "If only Castro had run the world, not just Cuba" (2007-03-21) goes over (with many stats comparing other countries) the fact that Cuba is the only country in the world to meet both HDI (Human Development Index – education and health) targets and environmental sustainability targets.

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