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Promised note sent to parliamentary webmaster

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-08

For those who were following the "Parliamentary dog ate my homework" discussion, (and later posts), I’ve sent in a note based on this post.

I’ll be preparing another note about the Senate Submission Upload System woes soon, which goes into unwarranted problems with that system (see this and this) in more detail.

My thanks to all those who made suggestions about the wording and contents, whether directly on this blog, or via email, and I hope that you’ll give similar help to the phrasing of my next note to the webmaster.

I’ll be reporting back on any response from the webmaster.


One Response to “Promised note sent to parliamentary webmaster”

  1. Dave Bath said

    Just got an acknowledgement to my email (11 February 2009 16:30 according to the timestamp at APH) from the APH web services manager, saying that a formal response is being prepared.

    That’s not too bad a response time from those staff.

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