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Greenies ARE to blame for the bushfires

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-11

Those long-haired tree-hugging hippie freak Greenies are obviously to blame for the extent of the bushfire tragedy.  Those lunatics want to stop putting CO2 in the atmosphere….yet what do we find in fire extinguishers?  CO2!!!!

Yep, that’s my best Marohasy or Bolt impersonation.  Of course, I’m not a long-haired tree-hugging hippie freak as you can see in the top right hand corner of this or halfway down this page.


4 Responses to “Greenies ARE to blame for the bushfires”

  1. Davis said

    stay safe down under

  2. Dave Bath said

    Thanks on behalf of others.

    I’m in a very safe area of Melbourne (apart from being run over by idiots who drive past stopped trams) now, although a few years back South West Vic (my old stomping ground) was hit hard.

    My cousin in Colac is in the CFA. He is safe.

  3. Stu said

    Yes the greenies are responsible for the severity of the bushfires. The pushed for laws to stop people from cutting down trees near their houses on their own land. They stop people from collecting dead wood from road sides, forests etc. They say this dead wood is some little beatles habitat. And burning wood releases greenhouse gases. Well how much greenhouse gas is realeased in a bush fire then, and what animals habitat is left after, and how many animals perish.

    Get it through your heads greenies…….if you don’t cut down the dead wood, and pick up the dead wood, and burn it in nice efficient slow cumbustion stoves for cooking and heating, and get some use out of it, it will all burn in a bush fire one day and take out all the animals and habitat and people with it. That is the way nature deals with excess burnable fuel in this country, always has, always will.

    Get off your high horses and stop preaching rubbish. The gas you greenies burn instead of wood polutes much more then burning wood, look at all the energy used in exploring for gas, extracting gas, transporting gas………pipelines, all the steel and copper etc etc. Factor all those mining operations and fossil fuel inputs into your nice clean gas flame. Also, consider this, when you burn wood, you only put back into the atmosphere the gases that the wood took out when it grew…….in other words…….what was there before…….when you burn gas you release things that were thousands of meters below the earth, or sea…….and would have never been in the atmosphere if it weren’t for us using many other fossil fuels and materials to extract it.

    These bushfires have probably burnt more wood then would have been burnt in 10 years of everyone in victoria still used wood stoves and wood heaters……..and on top of that…….burnt all the houses……the wildlife…….people…….animals…..including those that you want to protect by stopping people from taking a dead log out of the forest……..and now there is nothing left except charcoal.

    Great going…..if I had my way I’d make a bon fire out of you lot

  4. Dave Bath said


    While clearing around houses is essential, the urban sprawl (not just into forests, but importantly farms) is also a contributory factor. The greenies have been, on the other hand, encouraging more compact cities.

    You ask “How much greenhouse gas is released in a bushfire?”. See my earlier post quoting Nature.

    Your words have merit about choice of fuels. Energy consumption is the problem. Population pressure is the main contributor to this. Population pressure also encourages urban sprawl.

    You said “if I had my way I’d make a bon fire out of you lot”

    That’s an unfortunate statement given the recent tragedy.

    Hmmmm. This was a lighthearted post. Maybe I parodied others, not just Bolt and Marohasy?

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