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Kev, Malcolm, Julia… and poultry

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-11

Given "Kevin Rudd", "Malcolm Turnbull" and "Julia Gillard", how would you expand the list?

Google Sets does an interesting job, when asked for a small set it adds "Kim Beazley" and "Peter Garrett".

Ask for a larger set, and you get quite a few female parliamentarians, Wayne Swan, Bob Hawke and Steve Waugh (what?!?), along with… wait for it… "some other rooster".

Yeah, well the "roosters" bit covers a few of them in one hit, eh?

Go on, play around with the starters you give Google Sets, and if you get a real giggle-inducing response (like "Steve Waugh" or "some other rooster"), feel free to report back.

Giving the starters "Kevin Rudd", "Gough Whitlam" and "Paul Keating", you do get a reasonable set of Oz PMs.


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