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Personally, I don’t give a flying …

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-12

What Senate Inquiry am I absolutely uninterested in?

What Senate Inquiry will probably get more interest from bogans than latte-sippers?

Answer over the fold, and hasn’t parliament had more important things to worry about this week?  Who is pushing for it?  Why?  Why open 6 weeks for submissions for this when the government didn’t want a senate inquiry into a A$42 billion spend and only gave it a couple of days?

No cheating by looking down at my Senate Inquiries feed on the left!

Inquiry into the reporting of sports news and the emergence of digital media.

Maybe I should write a one-line submission: "WHO THE *#%* CARES"


5 Responses to “Personally, I don’t give a flying …”

  1. Lyn said

    Possibly a precursor to an enquiry into political reporting and the emergence of digital media?

  2. Dave Bath said

    Lyn: Don’t think so… the issue here is that the original could be considered "owned" by the club, the league, with commentary owned by the TV station, and then the replay. As well you might have a club sponsored by a company, but ads of a competitor intervene on TV.

    I don’t care: I don’t take note of ads when my Cats are playing, and my favorite competitive sport on TV is sheepdog trials – which was only ever on ABC (why? you ask… because as a 5 or 6 year-old, one of the family friends said "you reckon you’re smarter than a dog – get those three sheep into that pen!" 2 hours later… constantly getting 2 and a half sheep in, then none 2 seconds later…)

    The original material for politics is parliament, and even the politician’s responses to questions on things like "Lateline" on public issues should be public property. Because parliament is essentially "open source", the issue doesn’t arise.

  3. Lyn said

    Sorry Dave. I was joking.

    I couldn’t give a proverbial about any kind of sport, but Man of the House will watch people polishing bowling balls if that’s all that’s on.

    He has no idea why sports news is a big deal. If it was about delayed or absent broadcasts that would be another thing.

  4. Dave Bath said

    Lyn@3 – Thought you might have been joking, but it was worth explaining the difference in ownership for others.

    But someone in Canberra must be convinced it’s so important it gets 10 times as much time in committee as the $42 billion spend, and they refer it during the week of the tragic bushfires! I’d like to know why.

    and on “polishing bowling balls”… I actually don’t mind watching bias bowls being played, but /polishing/ them? I hope you have two TVs at your place so YOU can watch "Lateline" while Man of the House is watching "Sports Tonight", or "Order In The House" versus late-night Grand Prix.

  5. Lyn said

    We have a sports junkie, a news junkie and a 16 year old boy, so we have 3 tvs. Pathetic.

    Twice in the last few years we’ve all sat around the same telly watching the same thing tansfixed. The 2007 election and the American one. I win. Political theatre reigns supreme, yeah. Stick that Fox Sports, Final Fantasy and Gran Tourismo. One blood sport to rule them all and bind them.

    Boy child even got into election live blogging. One kid’s politics is another kid’s porn, Mr Conroy.

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