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LE on Vigilantes, Facebook and Arsonists

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-16

"Hear, hear" to LegalEagle’s "Publication with prejudice"(2009-02-16) on the arrested arsonist and stupid vigilantes on Facebook.

Vigilante types say they want the benefits of a society government by the rule of law and fair procedures, but jeopardize it.

I think our legal authorities ought to bring-in the ringleaders of any vigilantes at least to read them the riot act, and get a message sent individually to each Facebook vigilante warning them about what they risk.

And if any of those vigilantes are in the finance industry that caused the current economic hardships through recklessness and greed… perhaps they’d like their personal details made known to each person that gets laid off or thrown out on the street?

As I commented on LE’s post, I wonder how many vigilantes would want me on charges if I smashed their windscreen on seeing them endanger lives by driving past a stopped tram, or holding a mobile phone to the ear while driving.  Probably most of them.


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