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Elementary Choices

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-18

Calling all students of chemistry or simply those who like the sillies: Which video of "The Elements" by Tom Lehrer appeals to you the most?  It might be for education value, cuteness, or whatever.  (Multi-choice, but no more than 3 please).

Embedded videos over the fold to help you in your choice.  Feel free to add others in comments or give reasons

Note: You’ll find other Tom Lehrer songs linked from this post.

  • A: Dutch:
  • B: Flashcards with Atomic Numbers:
  • C: Flashcards with Pencil Animation:
  • D: Four-Year-Old:
  • E: Lipsynched (Guy with glasses):
  • F: Lyrics (Yellow Flashes):
  • G: Lyrics (Well-Animated Text):
  • H: Mad Scientist Images:
  • I: Periodic Table Assembling Gradually:
  • J: Periodic Table With Labels:
  • K: Periodic Table Without Labels:
  • L: Playmobil:
  • M: School Concert Duet:
  • N: Sock Puppet:
  • O: Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • P: Symbols and Numbers:
  • Q: Turtle:

2 Responses to “Elementary Choices”

  1. Dave Bath said

    Apparently the 4-year-old had memorized it without the parents knowing about it. It is /SO/ cute at the end when he says “I’m going to discover element 119”. You never know, he just might do it.

  2. newman said

    love turtles

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