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Ubiquitous drooling

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-21

Ubiquity is ultra-cool from Mozilla labs.

Get past the words in the first few seconds of the flash presentation… and start drooling.

Mashups in gmail, integration of microformats and API-services, WOW!

Go to the presentation, install down the firefox plug, restart Firefox, and you are ready to invoke ubiquity with the "Hot Key" of Ctrl-Space (default).

It’s 0.2 at the moment, bit clunky, and user tutorial isn’t great, but it works.

Ultra Idiot Guide for wiki command:

  • Highlight something in your browser
  • Ctrl-Space (the default ubiquity hot-key)
  • type “wiki” and hit enter – new tab opens and voila

Ultra Idiot Guide to get weather:

  • Highlight city name
  • Rightclick on selected text
  • Ubiquity->Weather
  • New window opens up with the weather for the city

Ultra Idiot Guide to gmail a map:

  • Make sure you are already logged into gmail
  • Highlight a street address like “1 blogsville lane” in your browser (perhaps even where you have typed it in your email)
  • Ctrl-Space
  • Type “map “
  • Click the option you want
  • Manipulate the map
  • Choose “insert into email”

Ultra Idiot Guide To Translate:

  • Highlight text (e.g. japanese) on a web page
  • Ctrl-Space
  • Type “translate “
  • Hit return
  • Translated text replaces the japanese inside the web page you were browsing

Twittering, searching, ebaying… the list goes on.

Ubiquity for Firefox from Aza Raskin on Vimeo.


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