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Turning on Worms

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-23

There was tragic irony in Kevin Rudd’s speech mourning the recent bushfires, and indications of ill-tutored journalists on the front page of The Age.

The reporter, Chris Johnston, cut in half the key and most striking allusion in Rudd’s speech, so I’ll quote from Rudd, and indicate the bit skipped by the reporter, the bit that is so important, by square braces.

Courage is a firefighter standing before the gates of hell… with eyes of steel saying this: "Here I stand [, I can do no other]."

The irony is that Rudd praises the firefighter with the words of Luther at the Diet of Wurms ("Hier stehe ich.  Ich kann nicht anders") while Rudd grants dispensation to polluters for climate destruction, analogous to Leo X‘s selling of indulgences that so angered Luther, and put Luther in danger of his life…

…just as all reputable scientists think many more firefighter lives will be endangered by more catastrophic fires without urgent and radical reductions in carbon emissions.

At least Leo X charged highly for his indulgences: Rudd is giving his away for next to nothing.

It could only be more appropriate if the Garnaut Report was in 95 sections.

See Also/Notes:

  • Given the reporter’s cluelessness, I’d expect his to cut in half quotations from Kennedy and Caesar as follows:
    • Ask not what you can do.
    • I came, I saw.
  • And who is playing Tetzel?  Wong?  Garrett?  Party fundraisers?

One Response to “Turning on Worms”

  1. Amen to that.

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