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Plaque removal

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-25

So, schools need to put up plaques and signage, from roadsigns to plaques on buildings and chairs and stickers in books, to get money from Canberra… and promise to waste valuable teaching time by having ceremonies to open everything so that Her Deputy-Prime-Majesty can waste time when she should be helping to run the economy rather than eat cucumber sandwiches.

What educational benefit is there in all that propaganda?

If there should be any road signage, it should only be for things like "Children Crossing".  Extra signs are nothing but a dangerous distraction to drivers.

Add up the costs of the plaques, roadsigns, and cucumber sandwiches, and you’d probably have enough money to buy the maths textbooks for a class, or a few footballs and basketballs to keep the kids a bit healthier.

Why not put a tattoo on the kiddywinks… each year… "Year 9 Education funded by Kev and Julia"? 

Christopher Pyne (¿don’t you wish he was shadow minister for the Arts, so we could say "Pyne in the Arts"?) was absolutely correct when taking the government to task for this waste on propaganda.  Yes, he is hypocritical because he supported the same type of propaganda under Howard, but even though the Poodle is now right for the wrong reasons doesn’t alter the fact that he is right this time.

Personally, unless it is something huge like a new school, railway station, or something like that, there is absolutely no need for an opening ceremony.

People should think to themselves, every time they see such notices:

"That is the name of a politician who is proud of poor spending priorities".


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