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What is good for the gander…

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-02-26

Julia Gillard thinks it is appropriate to label something with a particular animal (e.g. ‘Poodle’), and personality characteristics such as ‘mincing’, or even characteristics such as ‘not very masculine’.

If so, then it should be fair to do the same to Julia. Such as:

  • The quantity of characteristics such as nurturing capacity and tenderness normally associated with feminine personalities
  • Label her with an animal.

And what animal would I suggest?

A skua.

Of course, it could be seen as a pun on "skewer" which could refer to a ruthless and rapier wit.  It could refer to a high-flyer with a long beak and ruthless predatory habits, a high-order predator who can take on all comers.

So, does anyone else think if "Poodle Pyne" is ok by Julia, then "Skua Gillard" is also permissible?

Any other suggestions for animals for Julia?  Got any reasons?


3 Responses to “What is good for the gander…”

  1. Guy said

    Hmm. Well I think it is quite interesting that it is apparently okay for Gillard to refer to Pyne in this way, but if the roles were reversed, there might just be a spot of outrage.

  2. Dave Bath said

    Actually Guy, there WAS outage a while back. Raising issues of gender and roles occupied by the Skua was considered beyond the pale, while the Skua was bashing the Poodle’s masculinity (and possibly alluding to preferences).

    In my opinion, anyone who thinks such similar attacks are fair or not depending on the gender of the target are being sexist. It would be interesing to survey self-labelled feminists who considered the attacks on the Skua (by the Heff, I think) about being childless and barren, to see if they are not equal-opportunists and anti-discrimination, but self-serving sexists if they think the Poodle attacks are fair.

    “Poodle” however is fair enough, attacking masculinity of the Poodle isn’t. In the same way, “Skua” is fair enough, but attacking the Skua for being childless isn’t.

  3. TimT said

    A neat bit of positioning by Gillard – implying that she’s more of a man than Chris Pyne, and that therefore she belongs in the ‘boys’ parliament, he doesn’t.

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