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Cross-disciplinary paper titles thread

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-03-03

Snow would be pleased.  There is obviously a Robert Frost fan in the author list of this immunology paper who thinks other immunologists will recognize the tag (yep, I know the tag is a combo of the poem’s title and the last line).

Do any readers know of any similar artsy tags in titles of economics papers?

How about science tags in arts subjects (not including mathematics).

Feel free to highlight those trained in science (and maths) that are well-known for artsy output… and double points if you can make a bad pun like "Borodin’s chemistry stunk more than his music" (well, the music would have to be pretty bad to stink more than aldehydes!).

Oh… don’t bother mentioning Leonardo… too obvious.

I suppose I should also give double points where the artsy productions are not to do with music.


One Response to “Cross-disciplinary paper titles thread”

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