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I, guineapiggius

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-03-11

To those of you not heavily into science websites, but heavily into silliness, it’s worth pointing to a couple of New Scientist articles, the recent "Eight scientists who became their own guinea pigs" (2009-03-11) and another it links to: "Top 10 Bizarre Experiments" (2007-11-03).

Which of those me-a-guinea-pig or simply bizarre experiments got to you?  Why?

For me, from the first article, the yellow-fever experiments are jaw-droppingly gag material.  From the second, it’s hard not to wonder why someone would want to give elephants LSD (it would be pure whimsy if there wasn’t the tragic death of an elephant), while the guy who managed to revive dead dogs and was refused permission to attempt it on a prisoner sentenced to death still raises a lot of questions for legal philosophers.

Actually, some of the laboratory exercises in physiology we did with ourselves as guinea pigs were quite harsh, the worst for me being a gastric secretion prac that left me with a nasty hole in my stomach lining, and a diet of mainly mylanta and milk for some time!


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