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Short climate inquiries open… get cracking!

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-03-12

Two VERY important climate-related inquiries, one on the carbon permit scheme, and the other broader, both fairly rushed… so get cracking on one or both depending on where your expertise and passion meet.

  • The inquiry into the CPRS bill closes for public submissions by 2009-03-18.  You have a week to get them to
  • The wider inquiry by the Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy hasn’t published a closing date, but the close will be well before the reporting date of 2009-05-14, and includes the following in the terms of reference
    • (a) the choice of emissions trading as the central policy to reduce Australia ’s carbon pollution, taking into account the need to:
      • (i) reduce carbon pollution at the lowest economic cost,
      • (ii) put in place long-term incentives for investment in clean energy and low-emission technology, and
      • (iii) contribute to a global solution to climate change;
    • (b) the relative contributions to overall emission reduction targets from complementary measures such as renewable energy feed-in laws, energy efficiency and the protection or development of terrestrial carbon stores such as native forests and soils;
    • (c) whether the Government’s Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is environmentally effective, in particular with regard to the adequacy or otherwise of the Government’s 2020 and 2050 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in avoiding dangerous climate change;
    • (d) an appropriate mechanism for determining what a fair and equitable contribution to the global emission reduction effort would be;
    • (e) whether the design of the proposed scheme will send appropriate investment signals for green collar jobs, research and development,and the manufacturing and service industries, taking into account permit allocation, leakage, compensation mechanisms and additionality issues; and
    • (f) any related matter.

    NO EMAIL YET FOR THE SECOND INQUIRY, so contact John Hawkins, Committee Secretary, Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy. PO Box 6100, Parliament House, Canberra ACT 2600 or keep an eye on the committee pages.

If anyone writes or notices something they think is useful that they would like others to cut and paste from… leave a comment with a link PLEASE….. so much to say, so little time….


5 Responses to “Short climate inquiries open… get cracking!”

  1. Rose Garnautt said

    This is all bullshit distraction away from the current reality, which is conveniently ignored when such enquiries are floated into the future…watch the bouncing ball everyone as it gets smaller into the distance…this was all dreamed up by some kooky PR coal lobby funk centre of extremely low intelligence, think tank think right, what a horrendous waste of time and money. The real truth is that we have signed our lot illegally (we meaning the illegal commonwealth of australia) and therefore any matters of climate change or environment matter little until such time as Australians wake up to the true reality of the regime attempting to control the planet and its resources and wealth.

    Any related matter, well lets start with why the author of most of this madness propaganda and ask why such polluters are put at the front line but dont back down from their own poo fart mining in far flung and close by otherwise unspoiled parts of the globe.

    Bar Humbug, yes submit by all means but dont get carried away with the lie.

  2. Dave Bath said

    I appreciate your passion, agree that the motives of politicians are often self-serving, but think we differ in that I think it is possible for politicians to be persuaded that their political survival depends on acting in line with the best scientific advice.

    I strongly believe most voters realize, or could be very easily be persuaded, that the scientific consensus on the need for a rapid and robust change is correct, if not understated.


    20,000 submissions is much more impressive than 20 submissions, each written on behalf of 1000 people.

    Even 1000 submissions (0.05% of the population) could blow the politicians away, because that degree of direct involvement has NEVER happened before.

    If there are less than 1000 submissions, then the politicians will not feel pressured, and the inactive citizenry cannot criticize the inactivity of politicians.

  3. Dave Bath said

    NEW CLOSING DATE: 2009-03-25

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