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What if 0.1% wrote into the Climate Inquiries? What about 1%?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-03-15

Do any of you remember seeing the World War One enlistment posters, where a father (who obviously hadn’t enlisted) was hanging his head in shame when his daughter asked "And what did you do in the Great War, Daddy?"

If you don’t make your voice heard in the two climate-change senate inquiries now open for the next few days (links below), and your friends don’t write in, what will you feel in a few decades time, your children and grandchildren ask "What did you do to try and force the government to make the right policy decisions?"

If only 0.1% of Australians made even a short submission to these inquiries, angry about the Government’s unconscionable rejection of the best advice of the scientific community and their own Garnaut report, that would be a totally unprecendented 20000 submissions.

Could ANY politician ignore that?

If the wrong decisions are made, you won’t be sitting in a comfy chair, a child playing at your feet like the WWI posters… the scene will be more like a refugee camp and your child will be in rags, bones stretching paper-thin skin, and the sunken eyes of terminal dehydration.  How would you feel?

There are two climate inquiries open for a short time, one specifically on the CPRS, with the closing date for submissions just extended by a week to 2009-03-25 (send it to, and the other, on wider issues by a new Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy, still without the closing date defined.

Even 0.01% of the population would be 2000 submissions.  That wouldn’t startle the politicians as much as 0.1%, but it would still give them pause.

Those 2000 submissions would galvanise the politicians more than 20 submissions from environmental groups each claiming to represent 1000 people.

But let’s imagine that 1% of the population aren’t hypocrites, and want a better political response to climate change, one that takes the scientific community seriously.  Imagine that 1% of the population can spare 5 minutes to send an email.  THAT ONE PERCENT TRANSLATES TO ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SUBMISSIONS!

If THAT happened, you can bet there’d be evidence-based policy and appropriate attention on these matters before the end of the day that the submissions closed.

It’s really that simple… we act now, in the next few days, or we are complicit in political inaction that destroys the future of all of us.


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