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Only two weeks to record your voice on Climate Policy in the Senate

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-03-26

The Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy Inquiry, which is quite wide ranging, is open for public submissions until 2009-04-08.

It’s a very short inquiry, and much wider than the CPRS inquiry (see my initial discussion of both inquiries here.

Given the gazillions of words written on climate issues and what governments should do about them, most unhappy with the responses regardless of the party in power, most obviously more in tune with the scientific consensus, then is it too much to expect most bloggers on these issues to send in a comment to the Committee, even if they merely cut and paste from their extant blog posts?

Remember, a whole lot of submissions that look like they are clones of each other get "rolled into one" by the parliamentary staffers (who typically give one example and say "lots of form-letters"), and therefore these aren’t as compelling a reflection of opinion than one that is more individual, both to senators, and to people looking at a long list of submissions.

Perhaps I should do a big search for Australian blogs and climate comments… and publish a name-and-shame for the hypocritical gormless types?

What is the chance that Marohasey and her fellow travellers will be galvanized into action?  Don’t let minority voices drown out the majority view!



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