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PostgreSQL news today

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-01

Oooh…. vicious…. and too true!.

(If you want a REAL database, you either use Oracle or PostgreSQL – take if from one who has been SQL-ing professionally for more than quarter of a century)

== Postgres Weekly News - April 01 2009 ==
Following MySQL's lead as usual, the PostgreSQL project is dividing into several lines of development:

  • Shizzle: High-performance and Feature-Free
  • MaryMary: Compiled with libhaltingproblem
  • Narcona: Painless installation and setup
  • OurThing: Lots of sources, based in Sicily
  • XPostgres: Everybody who's ever worked on Postgres code, back to UC Berkeley and Illustra.
  • Moon/PostgreSQL: Corporate support, as long as it lasts.

The PostgreSQL Global Development Group will be shutting down the mailing lists as of today. Future communication for the project will be through Twitter, the bug tracker, and the Bitkeeper source code management system.

A collection of webby (the above was in an email) April Fools jokes is available at and on twitter (Twitter: Follow@AprFoolsDay or … perhaps my favorite of these is, but then I knew ELIZA back in the dark ages.  (Does anyone else remember ELIZA?)


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