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Reminder – Climate submissions by Wed

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-03

If you have a look at the Submissions to the CPRS inquiry, you’ll see two things that are important for the wider-ranging Climate Policy Inquiry that closes 2009-04-08:

  • The popular opinion "on the street" was not reflected by the spectrum of submissions, which had over-representation by those groups wanting watered-down responses (even none!) to the climate problem
  • Form-letters are "discounted" by being lumped together as a single submission.

So, before bitching about government inaction, get cracking, and spend the same amount of time as you would putting comments or posts on blogs about climate policy, and write a quick email to .

It only has to be a paragraph or two, and can even be in the plain text body of the message – no attachments required!  You don’t need to include your address, but you should include which state you live in.

If the government climate policy is worth complaining about, and politicians can point to a high proportion of climate-skeptics and climate-inactionists in the submissions list, we are screwed, and you’ll only have yourselves to blame.

See Also:

  • "Overview of Carbon Polluter Rewards Scheme submissions&quot (2009-03-31) – well the first forty, I haven’t reviewed the last 60, but you’ll be very afraid if you go through the names of the groups making submissions to the CPRS inquiry.
  • My submission is well under-way, and it’s about 8 pages (double-spaced) so far.
  • Do you remember those World War I enlistment posters that had a kid asking "And what did you do in the war, Daddy?"  Think about it.

One Response to “Reminder – Climate submissions by Wed”

  1. wilful said

    ah well, I put in a not very well thought out rant done too late at night and got emotional towards the end. Fat lot of good it’ll do, but at least we can all say we tried.

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