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Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-07

Posting frequency has been down, and will be down for some time. My daughter, and others I care about, were in a nasty car crash Friday night.

All alive, but there’s a long haul for a couple of them.

My daughter, in particular, has very little feeling and movement in her right hand, and a totally useless wrist… which is going to be really hard with a toddler.

Let’s hope her youth helps nerves repair.

And do you know how hard it is to get across to a 2 year-old why his Mummy can’t hug him?

Big thanks to everyone in the Geelong Ambulance Service and the Geelong Base Hospital.


8 Responses to “Down…”

  1. Lyn said

    Best of luck to you and yours Dave. Speedy recoveries and resiliance for you all.

  2. memeweaver said

    Oh no, that’s rough. Hope you all pull through ok. Best wishes and take care.

  3. Christopher Flynn said

    Hope all works out well, send my support to K.

  4. wilful said

    Shit. I don’t know you from a bar of soap, but even so that’s rough. I hope it’s all right. Always really hard with little kids.

  5. Sorry to hear about the crash and aftermath. Wish all well.

  6. Jacques Chester said

    Gee, that’s a bit rough. Thank goodness everyone got out alive. Best wishes and my regards to your family.

  7. Dave Bath said

    Some movt/sense in tips of fingers. Radial/Ulnar/Median all affected – up near brachial plexus. Spine ok (whew!). Still – long road ahead.

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