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When is a country like a suicide-bomber?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-09

Are nations (and individuals) that emit way more than their share of CO2 comparable to suicide bombers?

Consider… such nations are knowingly destroying themselves and everyone else.

OK, ok, it’s a slower explosion… with destruction following more along the lines of a dirty bomb (the bomb that keeps on killing until you clean the atmosphere).

So, how do the guilty states themselves treat would-be suicide bombers?  Take them out before the bomb goes off?

Either we and our mates get down from being the highest per-capita greenhouse emitters on the planet, or we’ll simply be asking for those nations with lower per-capita emissions, especially if they are threatened by climate change, to consider us a target and forcibly cut our emissions to their levels.

I wonder what the Maldives and Tuvalu would do if they had intercontinental nuclear weapons.


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