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Up a bit… and solar-powered lights needed

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-14

It’s been a long "holiday" weekend of toddler-wrangling, housework, and pretending to be an occupational therapist, but my daughter can now hold a phone, even if she does need her wrist splinted, and cannot pick up the phone… maybe next week.

It turns out the corner where she rolled the car is a blackspot, with quite a few similar accidents in the last couple of years, leading sadly to fatalities.

Surely someone can design a solar-powered streetlight (or series of lamps marking the edge of the road) that can charge up during the day and discharge at night, suitable for use on country roads!

Even if it cost thousands of dollars per light, each with a lifespan of only a few years, and thinking only of the dollar costs to the Transport Accident Commission rather than the human misery involved, if strategically placed, they would be a good investment of government money.

Time to get some actuaries on the job and allocate some funds to the CSIRO, I think!


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