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Climate Policy Submissions: Why no count of form-letters?

Posted by Dave Bath on 2009-04-16

There is something slightly disturbing about the way submissions to the Senate Climate Policy Committee are being published.

As soon as I scanned the List of Submissions published so far (my pathetic and piecemeal one, rushed and incomplete because of my daughter’s car accident, isn’t up yet), I noticed Submission 57, which is a catchall for a whole lot of form letters.

Consider "Submission 5", which includes a sample, a 7-page list of submitters and a 2-page list of submitters of slightly-modified versions, and then look at Submission 57 which has no list, and not even a count of correspondents.

Consider CPRS Submissions number 2

which enumerates the correspondents and gives the sample.

Surely those looking after the submissions list page for Climate Policy should be able to give a running total for submission 57 if they can’t provide the list of those making submissions.

Even more seriously, why can’t the submissions list page have a quick breakdown of positions, like the one I wrote in my post on the Saving the Goulburn and Murray Rivers Bill Inquiry?

Anyway, I wish I had the time to do a breakdown of the Climate Policy submissions… but hopefully someone over at The LP open thread on this subject will do it.


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